How to enrol your child

Step 1 – How to request information

To learn more about BenHale, please complete the online form and we will send you a prospectus via email.

Step 2 – Schedule your campus visit

We would be delighted to meet you and to learn more about you and you about us. If you are unable to visit our campus, we can arrange a remote interview.

Step 3 – Start your application

Application to enrol a student can only be made by completing our official Application for Enrolment form which we will send to you via email or which you can collect at our Administration Office. The application form must be accompanied by:

  • Non-refundable application fee
  • Copy of the prospective students birth certificate
  • Passport sized photo of the child
  • Copies of official school reports showing current grades and full grades for the previous year
  • Any reports which make reference to your child’s behaviour, learning aptitude or medical conditions

Placements in the Academy are prioritized on the basis of the following:

  • Completion of the entrance assessments and BenHale admissions essay
  • Siblings of existing students
  • Date of receipt of application and relevant documentation

1) The application is processed as follows:

  • The original completed and signed application and all relevant documentation must be submitted to the Academy administration office
  • The Academy will schedule an interview which is conducted the year prior to the entry year
  • An admissions assessment will be completed along with the BenHale admissions essay
  • A notification of acceptance will be sent by email
  • Parents must pay the non-refundable deposit within the first 7 days of the receipt of notification acceptance to secure the placement
  • A formal letter of acceptance will follow the receipt of the non-refundable deposit
  • An admissions pack will be emailed to you. This pack contains Academy policies to be signed by parents or authorised guardians.

2) If a child does not commence at the Academy after successful acceptance:

  • Application and enrolment fees are forfeited
  • The enrolment deposit is forfeited

3) Once a student commences at the Academy, one full terms notice is required or one full terms fees in liue of notice is required to withdraw a student

4) Enrolled students and parents are expected to comply with relevant Academy policies, specifically the BenHale Community Standards

5) The Head of Department, after due consultation with the School governing Body, can gain authorization to expel a student or prohibit access to the Academy by a parent
who is in breach of the policies
6) If the marital status of parents/guardians should change after a student has been enrolled at the Academy, the original enrolment agreement signed by both parties will apply.

Questions? We are here to help you. Call su on 084…or send an email to

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, physical or mental abilities in the administration of our admissions program. We welcome your queries and look forward to helping you enrol your child into BenHale Academy, the leader of the pack in Christian-based private education on the East Rand.

Payment Conditions:

  • Payment of school fees and related Academy costs must be paid by the 1st (first) day of the month for each month in advance
  • The Academy will charge a late payment penalty fee of R50 per every three days over the due date, unless a prior arrangement in writing has been made
  • Continual overdue accounts will result in a review of the students continuation of enrolment at the Academy
  • A default in payment will render parents / legal guardians liable for legal action for the recovery of unpaid fees
  • To withdraw your child, a full school terms notice or a full school terms fees in lieu of notice is required
  • If a student is asked to leave the Academy, all incurred fees become non-refundable and outstanding fees and other charges will be payable

Academics – Lifestyle of learning

At BenHale Academy we know that your children are your most prized possessions, your legacy. That is why children are not tested to be grouped or ranked, but to get to know their talents, gifts, skills and abilities. By knowing the student personally and the student discovering who they are, we are able to plan more accurate learning paths for our students.

We aim to inspire children with an environment conducive to learning. Our desire is to see children feeling welcome, comfortable and safe at school.

Our staff and faculty are selected with extreme care and purpose. All BenHale Academy educators have the core responsibility to support children in their growth, motivate them with the desire to learn and create a learning environment that is safe and most importantly, to prepare your child for life after school..

Our curriculum is CAPS aligned and comprises of the following subjects:

At BenHale Academy every educator holds formal qualifications in teaching and a registered SACE number, thereby ensuring that we uphold educational excellence throughout the Academy. At the Academy your child’s holistic development is our goal. Every child has his or her own way of learning, own interests and own challenges.

When we think of the school path of our students, we don’t think our influence ends when they leave our school. We will have equipped them with skills to learn throughout their life. Children are responsible for their own learning, but our mission is to encourage and motivate them to realize their full potential – through the joy of learning.

Our Departments

BenHale is set apart through its extensive Entrepreneurial development programs. This comprehensive set of programs supports the development of practical entrepreneurial skills and is aligned with our belief that students, who are able to combine academic knowledge, creativity and practical entrepreneurial skill to start & build a successful business, will achieve more success and financial freedom in life beyond school. To leave school in search of a job, is no longer a feasible plan. University graduates are increasingly unable to find the right job for lack of job availability. The program is about knowledge, discovery, action and responsibility and makes learning about business, money and investing fun, entertaining and experiential. More importantly, this is the time where students begin to discover their “element” – passion & natural talents which leads them closer to their purpose.

Learning real-world entrepreneurial skills does not only happen in the classroom or from a set of books. The program is practical and fun with activities that put these learnt skills to work to make them truly meaningful.

Our students gain exposure in the following areas:

  • Discovering personal interests & strengths
  • Defining sound and feasible business ideas
  • Analysing & understanding market opportunity
  • Identifying & creating monetization models
  • Entrepreneurship A-Z
  • Money – Wealth building
  • Path to financial intelligence for an independent life
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Business Administration
  • The 21st century business environment

Performing Arts is an integral corner stone of our education at BenHale. Exposure to and participation in the Arts helps you define your sense of self and therefore takes centre stage as our students learn to be imaginative, to experiment creatively, developing their own sense of self-expression in a collaborative and dynamic environment. Dramatic Arts curriculum coupled with practical application in Theatre and Dance propels you forward to realizing your unique potential and gives you amazing insights into understanding those around you.

Participation from Grade 1 is available. Creative thinking and creative problem solving are just a few of the necessary skills that are acquired through the Arts. We follow the guidelines as set out by the SA Drama College with qualified and passionate educators who guide and mentor students to find and unlock each individual student’s potential and personal talents. Our Performing Arts programs are diverse and support the development of in-demand 21st century skills ensuring that not only do you discover your own voice but that you have the confidence to let your voice be heard. Performing Arts also supports a direct improvement in language and communication skills, which is vital for life beyond school. Here, students are not only exposed to the arts, but also have the opportunity to expand their horizons with both local and national competitions, eisteddfods, performance evenings and talent showcases. There is also an annual year-end production in which all students participate: A production for students by students to showcase their God-given talents. Our aim and vision is to create an environment which is inspirational, energetic, loving and accepting where each student can shine, to become the leading Performing Arts centre in South Africa.

The brain goes through a crucial development period in the first 10 years of life. This period has a long-lasting influence on a child’s future interests. Enrolling children in physical activity programs that are fun, inclusive, educational, and appropriate for their age and skill level, helps ensure early positive exposure to physical activity and increases their likelihood of staying active throughout their life. In order to create a more active generation, opportunities to be active need to be available everywhere. It takes schools that integrate physical education into the curriculum, cities that provide an environment for movement, passionate individuals with the desire to mentor, and role models who create change.

In life, public speaking is one of those skills without borders when it comes to type of industry, yet so many young people are uncomfortable to speak in a group setting or in front of an audience, no matter the size. Our collaborative classes go a long way to developing confidence and comfort to speak in front of others, however; considered a relevant and needed Professional Skill, as a BenHalian, not only will you learn the skills to know what to say, but also the confidence to use your voice in a way that dynamically engages with any audience to effectively deliver your message. Learn the art of communicating successfully to find freedom in using your voice to communicate effectively.